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> Quality
Third party testing results show that Tech-Optics has a lower defect rate than HP and OKI. This will reduce help desk calls and dispatches and increase end user satisfaction. Page Yield (output per cartridge) . Third party testing also shows that the page yield is often higher with Tech-Optics cartridges.
> Service
A dedicated Tech-Optics representative with a toll free support line. (1-877-635-5778). This should be your first line of support! Customers have also called this number which further reduces calls to our help desks.
> What is the delivery method for Tech Optics product?
Routing Guide (FedEx) TWO DAY. The very large majority of orders do not need overnight delivery and two day has been working very well. If needed it can be STAT, but we prefer to have our end users use the Routing guide per contracted suppliers
> Website
Allows for all orders to be done online for both OKI and HP, and other printer vendors like Canon, Lexmark, Brother, as well as Ricoh and Xerox personal printers (Copier products are not part of this initiative)
> West Coast Locations
You can still order late in the day local time via the Reno, NV facility. They can also provide overnight delivery
> Packaging
Flyer with instructions and information included in each order. Additionally, during the pilot we worked with the BU.s and improved the wording and colors of the protective sheaths that must be removed so non-technical users see them better and know to remove them. (also reduces help desk calls/dispatches)
> Green!
RMA slips for return of individual used empty cartridges to Tech-Optics at no charge. Larger BU.s will soon be getting a bin/box for multiple returns (cheaper solution). This also prevents cartridges from their burial in a landfill!
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